Cartier glasses: Timeless and distinctive eyewear

Published on 31 January 2024

As Cartier itself highlights, the brand has long been synonymous with open-mindedness and curiosity. Established in Paris in 1847 by founder Louis-François Cartier, who took over his former employer’s workshop, Cartier became a worldwide prestigious jewellery manufacturer thanks to his grandsons.

Cartier’s foray into creating women’s eyeglasses actually started in 1887, when Cartier designed its first custom-made eyewear for a French lady-in-waiting, Princesse D’Essling. The princess specifically used these Cartier glasses with diamonds as opera glasses.

However, it was only in 1986 when the first Lunette Cartier glasses for women hit the market with the Romance model.  Year after year, more Cartier glasses were introduced. In 1992, Cartier sunglasses became a massive global success with the Sous le soleil Composite models.

Indeed, Cartier eyewear represents a long-standing heritage of elegance and craftsmanship. Let’s explore what specifically captivates its loyal customers and international following.

Frames of distinction: Where Cartier stands out

The Cartier eyeglasses frame selection is a gallery of artistic ingenuity and durability. Each frame, be it for men or women, is a result of meticulous craftsmanship using premium materials, such as solid gold, Buffalo horn (which is why they are often called “Buffs” or “Buffies,” carbon, onyx, carbon, titanium steel and even Bubinga wood. The innovative detailing, crafted by Italian and Japanese artisans, is instantly recognizable.

Cartier glasses for women: Unrivalled sophistication and glamour

Collection after collection, Cartier glasses for women exude femininity and grace. Featuring opulent yet refined designs, Cartier women’s eyeglasses are offered in a range of styles that cater to both classic and contemporary tastes. Women will inevitably make an iconic fashion statement regardless of their style.

For the discerning gentleman: Cartier glasses for men

Cartier glasses for men epitomize masculine sharpness. Each frame is a statement of understated affluence, from the sleekness of their rimless eyeglasses to the bolder appeal of full-framed designs. Fashion-forward men will appreciate the emblematic allure of Cartier eyewear and how it adds a distinctive touch to any outfit.

Gemstones that frame your vision: Cartier glasses with diamonds

Perhaps the most dazzling of the jewellery fashion house’s offerings are Cartier glasses with diamonds. These pieces, adorned with exquisite high-grade diamonds, transcend traditional eyewear, becoming true jewelled masterpieces that frame the eyes. They celebrate Cartier's jewelry-making roots, showcasing that even functional items can bear the mark of extraordinary splendour.

Cartier's sunglasses: When sun and style go hand in hand

Cartier's sunglasses are the epitome of chic protection. Each pair is crafted not only to shield your eyes, but also to elevate your image. Adding a touch of urban chic, these sunglasses blend form and function that is unmistakably Cartier. 

Redefining minimalism: Cartier rimless eyeglasses

Cartier rimless eyeglasses redefine minimalism. They showcase the brand's philosophy that less is more, providing a lightweight option without compromising on style or quality. These rimless frames challenge the norm, offering a subtle look that brings more focus to your face. For fans of this style aesthetic, Cartier rimless glasses are definitely for you.

Cartier's sunglasses and eyeglasses are a declaration of an appreciation for the enduring magnetism that the brand has evoked for nearly two centuries. Looking for Cartier glasses in Quebec? French luxury and poshness await: start your journey to the world of Cartier with Pineault et Rouleau today.

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