The timeless allure of Robert Marc NYC glasses and sunglasses

Published on 17 April 2023

Robert Marc NYC, an esteemed name in the world of eyewear, is synonymous with sophistication, style, and a seamless blend of modernity and classic designs. Interested in learning more about the brand behind Robert Marc NYC sunglasses and Robert Marc NYC eyeglasses? Let’s begin!

Robert Marc NYC eyeglasses: A brand steeped in creativity

The brand was founded by optician Robert Marc in 1981 in New York City as the city was experiencing a creative and economic boom. His first boutique was located in Manhattan on Columbus Avenue.

As the years progressed, Robert Marc garnered a loyal following, which included an exclusive and elite clientele, especially thanks to the company’s designing eyewear collections for Fendi and Calvin Klein as well as eyeglasses and sunglasses for celebrities and costume designers.

Capitalizing on this success, Robert Marc expanded his retail footprint, opening multiple stores in strategic locations throughout the city.

In 1999, the brand reached a pivotal moment with the launch of its inaugural eyewear collection, solidifying its place as a frontrunner in the industry. The design philosophy of Robert Marc NYC eyeglasses was – and still is – a unique blend of New York City's urban charm and classic French know-how.

Robert Marc NYC eyewear continued to gain in popularity, with over 500 sales points worldwide and partnerships with exclusive dealers in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

What is so special about Robert Marc NYC glasses and sunglasses?

Robert Marc NYC is renowned for its singular design aesthetic that balances contemporary features with timeless appeal. Robert Marc eyeglasses and Robert Marc sunglasses cater to diverse preferences while never compromising on quality and style.

The true essence of Robert Marc NYC eyewear lies in its attention to detail. Every frame is handcrafted with the utmost care in France or Japan, harmonizing premium materials, such as titanium, acetate, and stainless steel with unique colour combinations to create visually stunning and durable eyewear. The brand's commitment to excellence is evident in each impeccably polished finished piece.

One of the most recognizable features of Robert Marc glasses and eyeglasses is its signature hinge. Inspired by historical design and construction techniques, this trademark features a distinctive double-line and dot motif. This subtle yet elegant detail adds a touch of refinement to the frames, making them instantly recognizable as Robert Marc creations.

Why are Robert Marc NYC glasses and sunglasses so popular?

A key factor in the popularity of Robert Marc NYC glasses and sunglasses is the brand's focus on the perfect fit. Understanding that comfort and style go hand in hand, Robert Marc invests significant resources into ensuring that every pair of glasses provides optimal support, effortlessly melding with the wearer's facial features.

This dedication sets Robert Marc NYC apart, as customers can rely on the brand to deliver eyewear that is as functional as it is fashionable.

Another contributing factor to the brand's success is its embrace of innovation. Robert Marc designers continually explore new materials, models, and technologies to elevate the brand’s collections.

This commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends has resulted in a diverse range of eyewear options, from classic styles that pay homage to bygone eras to cutting-edge designs that capture the essence of contemporary fashion.

The latest spring 2023 collection from Robert Marc eyewear, now available in our store, is called REFLECTIONS. According to the brand, it pays tribute to the "beauty of the everyday with handcrafted eyewear in vibrant and effortless expressions." Honoring the everyday moments that are always there but noticed only when life slows down a beat. The Robert Marc glasses and Robert Marc sunglasses are simply stunning. The frames are chic and the different coloured lenses add just a touch of edginess.

For perusing Robert Marc NYC eyewear, Pineault et Rouleau offers a vast array of models to remix or revitalize your style. Shop Robert Marc NYC glasses and Robert Marc NYC sunglasses today!

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