What are the trends in women’s and men’s glasses for 2023?

Published on 16 February 2023

Start the new year off with the right eyewear! You’ll notice that trendy men’s and women’s glasses frames for 2023 are edgier and more eclectic than in years past. Regardless of your style or face shape, a popular eyewear trend is sure to reflect your personal taste. Here are some of the top 2023 trends in eyewear that we’ve curated from the runways.

Round glasses

Perfectly round glasses are coming back in a big way, paying tribute to this classic frame shape’s intellectual vibes. Bold, yet elegant at the same time, round glasses suggest that the wearer is an out-of-the-box thinker (aka: Steve Jobs, John Lennon, etc.).


Barbiecore pink. Viva magenta. Neon green. Hawaii blue. If you’re bored with your regular wire, black or tortoiseshell frames, you can experiment with sprightly colors to update your look in a snap. And don’t be afraid to wear them for casual and formal occasions!

Pastel and translucent acetate glasses

On the opposite side of the spectrum are pastel and transparent acetate glasses. Lightweight and low-key, this eyewear trend is still going strong after its debut in 2022. You can choose from a myriad of shapes and soft hues, including natural and spring-like colors.

Cateye glasses

2023 cateye glasses are a far cry from those you may have seen in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. They feature sharper angular lines and modern details, including vibrant colors, sparkles and even mixes in materials.

Geometric glasses

Trendy women’s and men’s eyewear with geometric shapes is definitely having its moment. Hexagons, octagons and even oversized square glasses with eclectic angles can be found everywhere. Don’t be shy: geometric glasses can surprisingly suit all types of physiognomies.

Back-to-the-70s glasses

As a nod to the era of bell-bottom pants, feathered hair, and…big glasses, today’s trendy eyewear for women and men are all about the 70s. Think tinted lenses in yellow and red. Flat-top and metallic aviators. Oversized round frames. While the designs may be funky, they suit most face shapes. They can also be dressed down or up.

Tortoiseshell glasses

Forever sophisticated. Forever timeless. 2023 tortoiseshell glasses take a unique spin on a cult classic; you’ll see more geometric shapes and sharper angles. While oversized tortoiseshell glasses are very popular, check out some models that are smaller and feature unique details, such as head-turning pink shades and eccentric patterns.

Square retro glasses

The retro wave continues with square glasses. However, these trendy men’s and women’s glasses frames for 2023 are not plain squares; they actually look more geometric or rectangular. You can find rimless square glasses for a more subtle look or oversized square glasses with fashionable patterns to really turn heads.

Eco-friendly glasses

Major eyewear brands are using new materials to make glasses more sustainable. Bio-acetate frames are increasingly popular, as are those designed with recycled plastic bottles. Wood and bamboo are also emerging as compelling materials for frames. Several companies are even experimenting with fully biodegradable frames. 

Curious to know which of these 2023 glasses trends would work best with your style and features? Explore our latest models and collections now and be sure to book an appointment at our Québec City store!

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