Look your best for this back to work season

Published on 30 August 2021

It’s time to move forward and look your best for this "back to work" season

It’s finally time to get back to the office, and what’s better than a new look to celebrate this season? We know that a new style is all about confidence, that’s why we believe you should never be afraid to express your true self, and at Pineault & Rouleau we’ll help you boost your confidence with style.

A brand new season, a brand new you

Going back to the office can be a real challenge : readjusting our professional life, finding a new balance between work, the kids, social activities… It’s a whole new rhythm we need to get back to. We got used to our little routine, now it’s time to switch it up and help each other make this “back to work” transition smoother.

Inspiring the world by being unapologetically ourselves. And you know what? Confidence is key! A brand new season should always be paired with a brand new style, especially after this tough time. This is our chance to start fresh with a new and improved version of ourselves.

Change eyewear, change style

Accessories such as eyewear allow us to assert our personality and show who we truly are. To affirm ourselves with a unique design. Eyewear adds to our look and helps us feel good about ourselves.

So what if changing your eyewear style was the solution? As important as changing your wardrobe, your brand new glasses should match your hair and complexion. A curated craftsmanship paired with an authentic frame and a bold color, you now have all the elements to shine!

Eyewear fashion, one step closer to self-confidence

With new glasses, you see great, you look great and you feel great. It’s an overall opportunity to be the best version of yourself. We feel confident and we strive to create that “wow” effect on others. Why? Because eyewear is more than just a simple accessory. It exists so that you are able to work better, in the best conditions. You experience the perfect vision with tailor-made lenses, and you show the world who you are with a unique frame design that perfectly suits your personality. The combination of excellent craftsmanship and style gives you the awesome opportunity to thrive and inspire others.

The power of unique eyewear design

When you think about it, you realise that when people change glasses, it provokes a lot of emotions and feelings. But what do you experience when changing your eyewear? Joy? A confidence boost? A new motivation? This is your chance to get a whole new and improved vibe to go “back to work”.

Because who said you should only have one? Take advantage of the expertise of our licensed opticians to get the best out of our designer collections, and find the best fashion accessory for every occasion. Date night, lunch with friends, work days, summertime, winter… Changing eyewear should be as easy as changing your wardrobe, and no longer a one-time purchase accessory that you get stuck with every 2 or 3 years. Together, we can normalize eyewear shopping on a more regular basis.

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