Social activities are back, let’s look our best !

Published on 22 September 2021

It’s been a year and half since we paused our social activities. The ones that get us to connect with the people we love, the people we want to get to know more, the ones that make us laugh, the ones we admire…

Crowded public spaces were off limits, so our opportunities to dress up for different occasions was limited if not non-existent. We didn’t have any opportunities to look and feel our best with confidence, surrounded by our friends.

Eyewear and the power of transformation

Now, life is slowly getting back to normal, and we can finally meet up again (always with caution, of course). So why not take the opportunity to give our look a real boost, by adding an accessory whose transformative power is often underestimated: eyewear.

It shakes up people's perception of us, and always for the best. This fashion weapon helps us reclaim our personality, and gives us back the power over what we, as an individual, want to accomplish. Who would have thought that two temples, two lenses and a bold color choice could transform who we are to such lengths?

New glasses, a bridge to new encounters

Whether you’re looking for eyewear that makes you look cool, smart or chic don’t forget that people will respond to it. Sometimes when we go out, we notice someone with very original glasses, telling ourselves “Oh my god, I would’ve never dared such a style, but it looks so good on her!”. And that is the exact feeling we want to give you at Pineault & Rouleau : dare to get a pair that you would've never thought about.

Frames can provide intrigue, spark interrogation, surprise and push people to connect together, finding a common interest in style and personality. By seeing others being courageous in their choice of glasses, we feel emboldened to do so as well, without any fear of looking weird or “too much”.

One pair for each occasion

Why settle for just one pair for 2 or 3 years, when you change outfits everyday? Glasses, like your wardrobe, should be able to reflect your mood of the moment. Whether you are going out for a fancy dinner, a casual lunch, an afternoon stroll or a date at the museum, arm yourself with the accessory that best suits you for the occasion. “Hey, have you changed your glasses again?” You may hear this sentence very often.

Because yes, glasses are known to be a purchase that you rarely change. Knowing how much they transform your look, your mantra should always be "one pair, one occasion", what do you think ?

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