Top 7 sunglasses trends of summer 2023

Published on 17 July 2023

Are you looking for the perfect pair of 2023 creator designer sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh UV rays—all while elevating your look? 

This summer, some fantastic new trends in sunglasses for women and men will add elegance and, without any doubt, make a statement. Here, we’ll describe the six sunglasses trends of summer 2023 that will take your style to new heights. Get ready to shine under the sun with this must-have eyewear.

1- Rectangular frames

Like several other seasons, rectangular frames are still hot this summer. The sleek and modern design of these summer sunglasses for 2023 fills you with confidence and gives you a sense of sophistication. It doesn’t matter if you like a minimalist style or thicker frames; rectangular glasses can accommodate almost any taste. The best part is that these glasses can be paired with anything from a casual to a formal outfit.

2- Angular cat-eye sunglasses

Looking for a more feminine touch in your sunglasses? This summer, go for angular cat-eye sunglasses for women; they are the top celebrity sunglasses for 2023. For decades, they have been a symbol of glamour and femininity, and in 2023, they are again taking the world by storm. Looking at the exaggerated and sharp edges, you’ll find a modern twist to the classic design

3- Sporty shades

We recommend sporty sunglasses this summer if you are leading an active lifestyle. They are durable, comfortable, and lightweight, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor activities. Their polarized lenses provide ultimate sun protection and give you enhanced visibility. Some athletics-inspired sunglasses for 2023 feature wraparound frames. They are an excellent addition to your wardrobe if you are into running, cycling, or lounging by the beach. We’ve also seen them paired with urban outfits!

4- Lavender haze sunglasses

Lavender haze is the trendiest style of designer sunglasses for 2023 you can ever go for. Their soft and pastel shade adds a unique touch of panache to your summer outfits. They come in various shapes and styles, from cat-eye to oversized frames, allowing you to pick one according to your face shape and preference. 

You can add a splash of colour to your look with sunglasses from Pineault & Rouleau. Our team of professionals can personalize lenses in any colour you desire, regardless of the frame's shape. Contact our opticians for a unique transformation of your eyewear or sunglasses.

5- Other tinted lenses

From subtle tones like rose gold and champagne to vibrant colors such as yellow, orange and blue, tinted lenses offer a variety to express your style. Aside from the glamorous looks, they also protect from UV rays and protect your eyes. These 2023 sunglasses are trends for women and men, offering unprecedented versatility to people who love a splash of colour.

6- Barbiecore pink sunglasses

As a nod to the famous doll and upcoming movie, Barbiecore pink is all the rage for 2023 sunglasses for women—and men! These shades come with bright pink frames that present a bold fashion statement. Pick any outfit you want, from classic to modern, and try these sunglasses; it is guaranteed that heads will turn in your direction, adding variety to your summer look.

7- Oversized sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are still on the leading edge of style for the summer of 2023. Like always, these large frames are bold and stylish. They offer extra protection from the sun and exude personality. From round to square shapes, they come in various shapes, and you can easily choose one that goes with your face's shape.

If you are still searching for the perfect pair of creator designer sunglasses, schedule an appointment with an optician at Pineault & Rouleau today.

Jacinthe Laurendeau - Optician

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